28 June 2007

Survivor Bunga

It's difficult for me to write about public service companies other than Umeme or UTL but I will do my best to explain my feelings about National Water and Sewage Corporation (yes, even their name doesn't inspire greatness). But after 4 days of no water and 6 broken water pipes on our road alone in the last month I feel that they of all companies deserve to be mentioned in the same breathe as Umeme (the power company with incredible customer service) and UTL (the fastest internet provider this side of Congo). So here is the story of how they made it into my BIG 3...
1) 4 days without providing water to customers this equivalent to 40 days of no food.
2) It makes me sick to think that the same people that work on my water pipes work on my sewage pipes... I hope they don't get them mixed up!
3) I response to our complaints over 6 broken pipes this month they reminded us that we should be grateful... if our neighbor hadn't installed the line himself they never would have connected us to their water supply in the first place.
4) In response to our suggestion to bury the line deeper so it wouldn't break as often... they asked who would dig the trench?
5) Due to an inability to fix the line on Monday they just capped it off... fortunately we called on Wednesday to let them know we had no water. They were grateful for the reminder that they forgot to finish the job.

We did survive the water crisis and I just had my first shower in shower in 48 hours but here is how I applied my boyscout skills, last night after a day of no water:

Step 1 - barter with neighbor for 4 gallons of water.
Step 2 - put Kadin in a bucket and use 1 gallon to wash him (did I mention he smashed 4 eggs on himself earlier in the afternoon and smelt like a rotten egg).
Step 3 - put Noah in Kadin's bucket and use an additional gallon to wash him.
Step 4 - pour the 2 gallons of stinky boy water into the toilet which hadn't been flushed in 30 hours.
Step 5 - Jeff and Christine repeat the process of Steps 2-4 with the remaining 2 gallons.
They amazing thing is... I figured this all out and I never spent a day in a boy scout uniform.

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Office Diva said...

Boy Scout: I think most readers were so vicariously traumatized by your posting, they ran to take a long, hot shower...just in case! OY! And never forget, uniform or not, you'll always be a Boy Scout to me!!! LOL!