10 July 2007

Mulira Eddie was the first student to hear about our school through the internet... even though we don't have a web page yet! Eddie found a Christian website that a man up in Boise, Idaho puts together. That man attends The Pursuit which is pastored by my friend and former co-worker Paul Hatfield. Paul and his church were planning on working with and supporting Eddie as he passed out Bibles to churches here in Uganda. Through all of these connections Eddie and I met and The Pursuit began sponsoring him as a student at Gaba Bible Institute.
Eddie has a great attitude about everything - it is hard to find him complaining about anything. For example the students were all required to get a physical examination at our medical clinic... not one of my favorite activities personally. A few days after his exam Eddie came running into my office with a smile on his face and shouted - "Pastor Jeff, I don't have AIDS!" A little surprised I asked why he thought he had AIDS. He said "No reason, except everyone else in Africa has it." Some see the glass half empty but Eddie's cup is always full.
Eddie is active in most school events but his favorite is the school choir. He is also very skilled with computers and hopes one day to have an international internet ministry like the one in Boise that has ministered to him and helped pave the way for a greater future for him as a student at Gaba Bible Institute.

Computer Malfunction - the computer isn't letting me post a title but if it did I would title this post - Mulira Eddie. Yes, I know I'm very creative!

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KELLY said...

Thank you for making all the Ugandans smile in their pictures.