03 July 2007

Muwonge Evans Paul

Muwonge Evans Paul will one day be a household name or huthold name depending on where you live. Paul's dream is to be a Christian Country singer... and he is already famous in the chapels at Gaba Bible Institute. His style is more Johnny Cash than Keith Urban. With his deep voice and ever-present mischievous grin he has caught the attention of many of the single ladies here at the school. He writes his own music and is constantly auditioning the female singers at the school in search of his "June Carter." Paul desire to be a country singer reminds me constantly that we are not as different as we appear... although I only sing country songs when I'm trying to annoy my wife!
Paul is responsible for spreading the rumor around Gaba Community Church that "Pastor Jeff is a deep theologian"... he just hasn't ever heard of the Dodgers or Lakers so that cut my conversation topics by about 75%. He is one of those "front row" students that can't get enough time with the teachers... the type of student I never was. He loves sparking a debate in class or just getting the teacher off subject when things get boring... the type of student that others enjoy and appreciate. Overall, he is a top performer with big dreams... I have little doubt that one day I'll hear him on the radio or I'll be buying his CD... for my wife!

(Paul is wearing the traditional Ugandan wedding outfit for men in this picture... minus his cowboy hat!)

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marcie said...

Oh my, doesn't he look smart!