20 July 2007

Nassanga Sarah

Sometimes I feel guilty about how easy my life has been... and about how often I complain (although I probably won't stop writing about Umeme). Each day I am surrounded by students who are so grateful to study... while I spent years napping in class. Nassanga Sarah is one of those students that cherishes any opportunity to study. In 1994 as the genocide was just ending and the UN was marching in to make things worse... a group of students came marching in as well with the promise of free education. In attempts to rebuild a nation, university classes were being offered for no charge in Kigali... Sarah was among the first group of students to enroll. After completing here degree she came back to Uganda, worked a few years and got married.
In comes Gaba Bible Institute... although happily married and raising Angel her 2-year old daughter Sarah still wanted to study. So in January she enrolled at GBI as a full-time student. Two weeks ago her commitment to school was challenged when Angel got a severe case of malaria and ended up in a coma for 5-days. Sarah stayed by her side until she was well and returned to school as soon as Angel returned home... I was more than surprised to see her.
It seems those who have always had to fight to get anything are grateful for everything and those who have everything only complain wishing they had more... I wish I could spend a day in Sarah's shoes so I could appreciate everything I have.

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