18 July 2007

Something Cheery

Our neighbor is very resourceful... he grows his own marijuana. Our neighbor is kind and likes to share... every night he smokes his marijuana by our fence and if our windows are open we get a second-hand-high. Our neighbor is brilliant... he was in need of charcoal for cooking so he cut down his tree... and it fell on his house...

But remember our neighbor is likes to share... so it also knocked down our power lines. Because of our neighbors kindness I got a chance to call and invite over my friends... Umeme (my favorite electric company). They couldn't believe I was inviting them over... so I got to call them 5 times. Still they couldn't believe I was inviting them over... so I drove to their office to pick them up. Upon their arrival they admired my neighbors cutting skill... and offered to take him to jail for a free stay. Fortunately for me I only had to bribe them with $6... so they would stay long enough to turn on my power.

I'm happy to have such a great neighbor... I get sick so often that one day the doctors will prescribe marijuana and my neighbor will be their to share.

Have a great day!

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