15 August 2007

African Birthday #2

Food is an important part of any birthday celebration. So as a special birthday treat my co-workers bought me a hard boiled egg and a stock of maze for breakfast... beats Denny's!

Christine spent weeks in search of a box a strawberry cake mix... and Noah convinced her that it needed blue frosting. The problem was the yellow and green don't make blue in Uganda... just a lovely shade of puke green. She tried to cover the puke green with sprinkles but the festive colors didn't seem to stop anyone from eating it.

Aside from turning our teeth green the cake was great and everyone was happy.

Looking at these pictures I realize how young I am and how much I still need to learn... in every picture with the boys eating cake it is just after bath time, with the boys in their PJ's, right before bed time... and I wonder why they won't stay in bed?


Sallie said...

Happy Birthday, Jeff! Those boys sure are cute even with green teeth!

Flo Oakes said...

Happy Birthday!
I like almost everything home made, EXCEPT for strawberry cake. Strawberry cake from the box is my very favorite.
In fact, there are 36 strawberry cupcakes on my counter and a miniature cake waiting to be turned into a ladybug for Amelie's birthday tomorrow!

For some reason when I first looked at the picture of your cake, I thought it was Salmon..which is also quite tasty, but doesn't make good birthday cake.

Andrew said...

So where does yellow and green make blue??? I heard blue and yellow make green though :)

Steve Pyfrom said...

Happy Birthday dude!

Hope you are well man.

And you are plugging Ignite in the last picture...on purpose, no less.