06 August 2007

Belligerent Joseline

After a long weekend... read future posts... I arrived home Sunday evening for a relaxing time with the boys. Within 35 minutes of chasing, tickling, talking about trucks and puppies... I got an urgent phone call. It was difficult to hear everything the man was yelling but the parts I did pick were "Pastor Jeff" "Come Quick!" "Joseline's Belligerent!"

Not knowing what belligerent means I jumped into the car with Noah, Kadin and Faith... who lives with us, happens to be a nurse and ended up saving Joseline's life!

While tearing up the wet and muddy roads of Bunga I got a second call and the message was clear... "Go straight to Wentz!" Wentz is the medical center in Gaba.

Joseline had been running a 10K race sponsored by Gaba Community Church... so I was imagining a broken ankle, dehydration, muscle cramps, etc... What I saw at the medical clinic was shocking. Joseline was shaking in a wheelchair, screaming in Runyankole (he native tongue) and beating Francis our night-watchman who found her at the finish line.

What they told me was that Joseline fainted at the finish line... when she came to she started vomiting... she started yelling Jeff (my name), Celtel (my cell phone company) ... and then punching everyone who came near. All classic signs of hypoglycemia brought on by over-exertion... which is potentially very deadly if not treated.

At the hospital no doctors were around but fortunate we arrived with Faith just seconds after Joseline and Francis. Faith and Francis wrestled Joseline to the table as Joseline was punching Francis and screaming for me in Runyankole. Latter Faith told me that see was saying "Jeff will treat me" and "Christine has sent Kadin to represent her" (when someone close to you is sick you must visit or send a representative in your place).

Being a runner... more of a Clydesdale than a thoroghbred... I told Faith to check her glucose levels... within seconds Faith was back from the lab and administering the insulin to Joseline. After 30-40 minutes Joseline was speaking English again and starting to recognize that she was sick and that Faith was caring for her. Since no doctors were around we took Joseline back to our house where Faith stayed by her side through the night to car for her.

Joseline is resting today... Faith is caring for her... we are all grateful to Francis for taking a beating... and I now know that belligerent means "hostile, ready to start a fight, or ready to make war."

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