20 August 2007

New members and growing ones

Noah decided a couple of weeks ago that we needed more chickens. I had actually be thinking it was about time to start replacing my laying hens. So off we trekked to Kampala to order our chicks. It was hard for Noah to understand that we could not pick the chicks up that day, but 3 weeks passed quickly. Here they are this morning. I have 15 new layers (for eggs) and 17 broilers (for meat). They are safely locked up since Kadin thinks they are new toys for him to love.

My turkeys are also doing well. They have quickly become my favorite poultry. They are like gangly adolescents with all their running, flapping and jumping. I might start raising them because they provide so much entertainment. Since word has gotten out that I will be having grain fed turkeys for my Thanksgiving, all our Western friends have either invited themselves over for Thanksgiving or asked for me to raise one for them next year.

1 comment:

Sallie said...

They're so cute! How can you bear to eat them???? Yes, I know I have the "Bambi" syndrome.