06 August 2007

On Tap This Week

It's been a slow season for blogging due to the end of the school term and demonic invasions... but this weekend we went out of our way to have a blog-worthy-weekend. So today while my students are moaning about their 3.5 hour Bible Interpretation final exam I was stroking my long curly hair and creating blogging posts for your viewing pleasure ... on tap this week you will see posts on:

1) Jeff and Christine's Wet and Wild Weekend
2) LOST: Kayunga
3) Belligerent Joseline
4) Fixing a Radiator with a burnt hand and super-glue
5) Send the Speedos back to the UK - sorry no pictures
6) The E-World Invader who emptied my bank account


Steve Pyfrom said...

This is the longest I've ever seen your hair.

Looking forward to all of the stories man.

I miss you a lot man, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you (whenever that will be)

Love you man

Sallie said...

Is that a receeding hairline that I see???? The curls look good, Jeff!