31 August 2007


Monday and Friday's are PE (Physical Education... for those of you too old to remember... or who went to village schools) so Noah and Kadin woke up are were forced to put on their red uniforms. Noah woke up in "the mood for blue" in his own words... For the record Kadin isn't wearing a dress... his shorts are long and his legs are short...

Kadin woke up completely refreshed... Tuesday and Thursday he stays at home with mom and Joseline. When describing his first day to Joseline on Thursday Kadin told her, "I swim... I play... teacher gabbed Kadin's arm and said 'NO!'" .... pretty much just as I had imagined it. He wasn't too sure about Day 2 at school... so when it came time to get in the car he headed straight for his favorite hiding place.

By the time breakfast was finished Noah was completely warmed up to the idea of wearing red and even asked to have his picture taken. In stark contrast to last year... in which he took his stuffed giraffe to school everyday... Noah decided that he didn't want to bring anything for show-in-tell... even though giraffe still must sleep with him every night.

Kadin decided there was time to do a few warm-up laps outside with Joseline in preparation for PE. He has no clue what PE is... but when he put on his tennis shoes he understood it must be something important.

After school I asked the boys what they did for PE... both had no clue???

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Sallie said...

Kadin - I used to hide when I had to go to P.E. too!

Love, Nanny