14 August 2007

Ring Bearer

On Saturday Noah was the ring bearer in a Ugandan-American wedding here in Kampala. Noah fulfilled all of his obligations with style and charm. He was pretty convinced that he was there to marry Jeanette, the flower girl, but managed to get over the heart break by the time cake was served.

Brook and Wills, the bride and groom, met while we were vacationing with Brook on Bulago Island in December. Wills was there to film an episode for the travel show that he produces.

The pastor officiating the wedding was a funny old man that didn't know that Wills went by the name "Wills" so the entire ceremony he referred to him by his real name "George." At one of those silent moments of the ceremony Noah spoke out in his booming voice, "Whose George?" I was glad he asked because I was wondering myself. Everyone in the first 4 rows got a good laugh.

Noah was a good sport about everything and even wanted to help the flower girl throw her rose petals at everyone while walking down the aisle.

The pictures afterwards went long so Noah invited Brook to sail away with him... She seemed willing to go at first but Wills got her in the end.


KELLY said...

I was holding out for Kadin.....but Noah looks so stinkin cute! Glad that you guys had a good time.

Sallie said...

What a handsome young man! He likes dressing up just like his daddy did.

Darren T. Rusco said...

where's Kadin? Was he off in a corner, eating all the wedding cake? jason

Holly said...

Noah is so cute - did anyone even notice the bride!