29 August 2007

Tales from the Boat

I’m still out to sea in search of dry land in my quest to understand the supernatural and spiritual realm but there are a few signs of land.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been teaching a Theology class for pastors from rural parts of the country and for students who failed during the previous term (I’m pretty heartless when it comes to grading)… covering the topics of Christ, the Holy Spirit, Angels, Demons, and Satan….

There weren’t any visits from any demons this time around… or not any obvious ones… but there was a miracle…

In the front row sat a young women named Mabel… I’ve mentioned her before. When Mabel was six she got seriously ill and was confined to a wheelchair… for 18 years. She spent years visiting doctors and specialists… trying numerous types of medication, therapy and procedures… all the while being prayed for by family, friends and the faithful of Gaba Community Church.

The medication didn’t work, the therapy failed and the procedures produced nothing but false hopes.

For 18 years others changed her clothes, feed her meals, and carried or wheeled or to where she needed to go. There were many times that she was physically unable even to attend her classes at school.

But 3 months ago Mabel felt compelled on a Wednesday to get up from her wheel chair and stand. Then 3 weeks ago she walked upstairs… on her own… to my office to register for classes at Gaba Bible Institute. I believe this to be a miracle… although I still walk her down the stairs each time she visits… doubting is a tough habit to kick.

In my limited theology of days gone by… sadly… I would have explained Mabel’s healing away as a medical marvel, delayed results of medication or therapy, or an act of random chance.

But the saddest part of this is that my limited theology was robbing God of the praise and glory he deserves for his miraculous works.

I was listening to a great theologian the other day and he made a comment about the lack of supernatural activities in our world today:

In a time when we don’t really see many miraculous things... or maybe we do, maybe they are all right there around us every day we just don’t know where to look.

Mr. Zuckerman
Charlotte’s Web

I would have to say that aside from being a great farmer Mr. Zuckerman might be onto something… take a look around you! Have you seen someone the doctors give someone less than a 10% chance of survival walk away from the hospital… have you seen someone with cancer healed… have you experienced the birth of a child….

… and who taught the spider how to spin its web?

For far too long I’ve been missing out on seeing the miraculous… for far too long I’ve been like the priest in Charlotte’s Web that wanted to hide the miracle until it could be explained away during Sunday’s sermon... for far too long I've been watching Charlotte's Web with Kadin...

Somewhere along the way I got too mature and sophisticated in my faith… and I missed out on the miracles that even a child could see….


spencer maccuish said...

I will demonstrate the depths of my depravity and make reference to The Usual Suspects (kevin spacey & crew) there is a great line that is mentioned twice in the film: "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was getting us to believe that he did not exist" this is a great insight. Not only do we not see Satan as real, we also dont see God's miraculous works as real. That satan character is pretty darn tricky

Darren T. Rusco said...

Another good quote from a Caedmon's Call song by Derek Webb called "Table for Two: "...and You can't plan the end and not plan the means."