30 August 2007

Teachers Beware

Yesterday was the first day of school... for both Noah and Kadin. Noah had prepared me for this day... meaning I didn't feel like crying this time. Noah has been talking about his teachers and friends for weeks... as well as coaching Kadin in preparation for the big first day. Like I said... there were no tears this time... only fear!

With Noah I'm sentimental... watching him grow reminds me that time is passing by right before my eyes... and I need to make the most of every moment. Kadin terrifies me... for starters he slept in... I didn't hear him stir until 6:45... usually by 6:00 I hear him jumping on his bed to get his blood flowing. The last thing he needed... or his teachers needed... was for him to have extra energy. The second thing that scared me was the twinkle in his eyes... you can literally look at his eyes in the morning and determine the amount of trouble he is preparing for over the next 24 hours. Finally, he grab his uniform off the dresser without me saying a thing... its like he knew what was coming and he was prepared for it...

I wasn't worried about Kadin's safety... I was worried for the children around him.
I wasn't worried if he'd like it... I was worried he wouldn't want to come home.
I wasn't worried about him having an accident... I was worried about him dropping his pants and making mud in the sand box.
I was worried by the time I picked him up at 2:45 he would be completely naked, making Indian war chants while the teachers and children just watched in fear....

When we arrived at school there weren't any tears... immediately Kadin looked 2 years older and like he no longer belonged in a car seat. Being ever confident Kadin stuck his chest out, put his chin down and marched straight to his class... but he refused to go in... this was his opportunity to establish himself as the Alpha Male. He went straight to the swings... like a dog marking his territory... while the rest of the children walked inside... I was again worried... other parents with crying kids were starting to stare.

Noah got him to come closer to the class by showing him the toys with water... within 15 seconds his uniform was soaked. Finally it was time for Christine and I to leave... I put the camera down because I knew I would need 2 hands. I took Kadin by his hand and walked... I mean pulled him to the class... and released him to his teacher.... the screaming - not crying - screaming began. I looked the teacher in the eyes as she was being pulled back towards the door by Kadin and said, "Use both your hands... this boy won't break unless you use a little muscle."

At 2:45 I came back to assess the damage... and was fully prepared to explain his behavior to the principle.

I found Noah smiling listening to a story and Kadin fast asleep in the napping corner. The teacher brought Kadin to me and said, "He is a very strong boy... we all loved him!" On the ride home Noah talked about the pizza they had for lunch, the friends he saw and how he and Kadin splashed in the pool with all there friends... Kadin didn't bat an eye... he just kept on sleeping. By the time we got home he was awake and took a victory lap around the house and capped it off with a swing on his bedroom door... I guess its safe to assume he knows how to conserve enough energy to keep his teachers and parents busy.


Sallie said...

You may not have cried, but I sure did. Thanks for stories and pictures of Kadin's first day of school. You're right about him looking at least 2 years older. He sure is a big boy now.

Love, Nanny

Holly said...

Thanks for letting us know about the boys first day of school. I've been waiting to hear how it went.....Noah has grown up so much and Kadin is quite the little man now.

Love, Grammy

Jen said...

What's on your backpacks, guys? I have a Lightening McQueen backpack and I start school next week. Love, Jason

Jeff said...

Jason, I have a Lightening McQueen backpack and Kadin has a Buzz Lightyear - he yells "to infinity and beyond" ever time he puts it on.