08 August 2007

Training for the Big Day

Having run 2 marathons and 2 half-marathons I understand that training is just as important as the event itself... and in that line of thinking with my birthday less than a week away we've been putting the boys through a rigorous schedule of cake and ice-cream in preparation for the big day.

With grammy's birthday (7/30) coming 15 days before mine we decided to test the capacity of the boys stomachs... and I'm happy to report that the both cleared their plates and got over half in their mouths. Looks like the whole team is ready!

Yes, this post was a shameless attempt to show off how cute the boys are and to remind everyone of my birthday!


Flo Oakes said...

Happy birthday!
Amelie's about to turn 1...and proving that second children are often neglected, I just realized that by this time with Sera, I had already begun "training" her to blow out the candle.
Hopefully she won't pick it up and try to eat it.

Darren T. Rusco said...

I love your pictures! I know you're really silly, but don't be silly to me. Love, Jason