20 September 2007

Job Interview

I got a call from an old friend today… I doubt any of you know this man but I’ll keep it anonymous just in case... you’ll understand. Here is a transcript of the phone conversation:

“Hello Jeff, this is __________… I’m in the village”
Commentary – He didn’t call me Pastor so it must be an Anglican or someone from Mukono. Who is this guy?

“Hello, how are you?”

“I’m okay. I defiled a girl and the police took me to jail…”

“Sorry to hear that.”
Commentary – Do I really know this guy and WOW what a poor start to a conversation.

“It’s okay I sold the gift you gave me to pay the police fine”
Commentary – Oh, that’s who it is! I really wish I hadn’t given such an expensive gift… even though someone gave it to me. Why did they let you out of jail?


“Jeff, I am calling to see if you have a job for me…”
Commentary – Your resume as a rapist isn’t that impressive and that gift… did I mention “expensive gift” … didn’t get you very far.

“No jobs right now… sorry!”
Commentary – I don’t see any need for a defiler for Gaba Bible Institute or in my home at this time. Any other job skills?

“My battery is low…”


Commentary – I guess his battery was really low… Did that conversation really just happen?

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