24 September 2007

Out on a Limb

I’m still out to sea… but occasionally the water gets rough and I get seasick so when I’m not “out to sea” I’m going to find some more stable ground. Although comfort isn’t part of this journey so I’m going to go… out on a limb.

Now I’m no expert on this new journey… but I have a few thoughts…

… sorry for the pause. Sande Emmanuel just walked into my office to ask about Benny Hinn…

Where was I?

Out on a limb is just a collection of thoughts, articles, blog post of my thoughts on missions… or another great way to lose supporters…

Now again I’m no expert… I’ve been overseas for 1 year, 7 months, 8 days… not that I’m counting… 5 hours, 37 minutes, 15-16-17 seconds…. I’ve been on 2 other trips to Uganda, 10 trips to Mexico, 3 trips to Bakersfield, and 1 trip to Belize… I’ve preached, taught, evangelized, VBSed, built, painted, poured concrete, stacked bricks, chased cows, got abandoned in a Mexican bar and baptized… in what was later found to be sewage runoff… I’ve had malaria, brucellosis, dysentery, worms and most recently a killer hangnail… but I’m no expert… just a guy with a few thoughts….

So here are a few reasons why I am going to climb out on a limb:

1) Our missionary friends laugh, cry and yodel in agreement with what I would like to say.
2) Our missionary friends would never say these things because they are struggling for every penny of support and so they would never dare to say such things… at least with their names attached.
3) We have the world’s greatest supporters… I’m not sucking up… seriously we have great support, we get tons of visitors and every day I’m ready to quit, one of you has the nerve to send an encouraging letter that happens to pull me through for another month or two… knock it off!
4) Maybe by sharing a few thoughts it might let you a little more into our world… and you can see why some days I want to bomb Umeme, drive over the tops of cars making right hand turns from the far left lane, or actually stay in the 3rd World for another day.

Hope you enjoy… or find another great missionary to support!


Sallie said...

Jeff - You left us out on a limb! What's next????

Love, Mom

chris kottre said...

Jeff - I love you.