19 October 2007

Self-Sustaining - Part 4

So many are now left in a quandary… does Jeff want to receive funding or not?

The answer is easy… “Yes and No!”

Yes, being that we are still in year one of a start-up bible institute in a country that does not believe in investing in theological education… I believe funding is necessary… at this point.

No, being that this is a long-term project… as in I would like to see this place operating well until Jesus comes…. I would like to see us get to a point… hopefully in 5 years… realistically in 7-10 years… where we are not dependent on aide for our daily operations… which we are at this point.

In a country where every bible school is dependent on aide I don’t think we will ever get to a point where we do not need assistance in developing our infrastructure… because even our public institutions receive aide from other countries.

But I would like to be at a point where we don’t impose a week of fasting for staff and students because the sponsorship check is late and we can’t afford beans…

I want our doors to stay open… even if Jack Bauer isn’t able to stop the US from being destroyed by dirty nukes… which would certainly hurt our funding.

So allow me to go out on a limb … so everyone can point fingers in 2013…

Here is the Gaba Bible Institute 5-Year Plan… the original is 7 pages in 8 font… so here's the cliff notes...

We desire to become a recognized and accredited college serving all of East and Central Africa. As part of this plan we desire to develop a campus, which can facilitate a student body of 500-1000 students. Here is a very rough sketch of our building plan:
o 2008 – Buy 3-10 Acres and develop a site plan (the discrepancy in size depends on where we buy in Gaba or a more rural site)
o 2009-2010 – Build classrooms, offices, library, computer labs, dormitories, and dinning hall.
o 2011-2012 – Begin classes on the new campus while work is being completed – if you have ever been to Africa you will know that it takes 2 years to complete a project that has been “completed.”
o 2013 – New Campus is fully-operational and has a student body of 500+

Objections that run through my mind… as I read my own words…

1) Why is the emphasis on land and buildings?

…Because we rent a building from a Muslim woman who after 1 year has still refused to sign the rental agreement. If she wakes up on the wrong side of the mosque we would have to move classes over to the primary and secondary schools at Gaba Community Church… not very self-sustaining or practical in my mind…

2) Why is it important to be recognized and accredited?

… Africa needs native Africa leaders and scholars who can lead the church forward. Self-sustaining does not only include financial resources but human resources. We want our students to receive an education prepares them and identifies them as the new generation of African leaders…

So to all who are wondering… yes, in spite my concerns of funding, becoming self-sustaining, and bringing training to a church that doesn’t think its necessary… the glass is still half-full… or else there would be no reason to stay!

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