09 April 2008

Christine: Why NMSI?

After our first year in Uganda that included a departure from our first missions agency, I was looking for something very different in a second missions agency. In the year I was "with them,"
I never received a phone call, an email, a letter, nothing. Aside from filling out an application, I never even met anyone at the missions agency and never went to their offices. We were looking to get on the field fast and did not want to have to give up four more years of our lives retaking some mission agency's Bible classes because our college Bible classes were not their Bible classes. She we signed up with the agency that offered the least amount of requirements. What can I say, we were young and ignorant!

What initially got me to consider applying to NMSI was the time Jeff & I spent at Missionary Training International in July and August 2005. There we met two couples who had already joined NMSI. I envied the fact that they were taking the training together and that they got to talk through the day's discussions each night. I was impressed with their maturity and their genuiness. They were fully aware of what they were getting themselves into, humble enough to admit they were going to make mistakes and passionate about reaching upper caste Hindus for Christ.

One of the wives was the first person I emailed when we began a list of possible new missions agencies. She had nothing but great things to say about NMSI. She talked about the support they offered her, the phone calls they made to check on her, the time they spent trying o find strategic ways to reach her ministry goals, and their encouragement to keep spiritual vitality a priority. They did not have a set of rules and formulas that were supposed to work for everyone, anywhere. She had freedom to try, make mistakes and then try again. And when there where victories, NMSI was there to celebrate with her.

The response convinced me that NMSI was a place that would care for me just as much as Jeff. So we applied.


Jen Powell said...

Hi Christine! (I am Jeff's friend from college, random, I know).

I just wanted to say real quick that I think it is GREAT that you guys have found a new organization that you both trust and believe in! Sooooo important!

It is crazy to think that the first agency didn't even meet you!!! I can't even imagine! The agency we work with has put us BOTH through some crazy stuff (before and during our time overseas) and I am so thankful that they see me just as important as my husband... because I am! I think you guys are doing such an amazing thing! I hope we can somehow connect with you while we are all in the states! :) Seems like we may have some similar stories!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine! I have been reading your blog occasionally to see how you are doing. Sorry for no comments thus far :).

I don't know if you know or not, but I am working with Children's Hunger Fund. We have been working with the Mwangaza Children's Choir over the past few weeks. They are such great kids. We are grateful for our relationship with ARM. Ok, long comment :) Hope to hear from you soon!