28 June 2008

A Parable on Giving

The Tribal Host sat at his computer and penned these words to all who would hear:

A generous Ugandan eager to serve went on a missions trip to California. His desire was to visit Mega-Church with Pastor Whatshisname and to minister to the youth in that church.

During his visit the Ugadan was moved to help this ministry financially so he sat down with one of the 16-year old students and asked him what was the greatest curent need for the ministry.

The student replied, "I need an 8 GB IPhone G3 so I can call all my friends an tell them about Jesus... plus a sponsor to pay the monthly bill!"

The Ugandan went home to Uganda... purchased the 220 volt IPhone G3 and sent it overnight DHL to the young student at Mega Church in California. Then set up a direct link with his credit card to pay th monthly bill.

When Pastor Whatshisname and Youth Past Watchmeeatthis saw the ridiculous gift they began overturning tables and ranting on their blogs about visitors who miss the point.

Let all who read be given understanding...


Jeff said...

The Tribal Host sat with his followers and explained the meaning of the parable:

Twice this week Americans have purchased $2000 laptops for Ugandans. One for a GBI student who said he needed one... although he would then be he only student wth his own computer... and one for an ARM staff members wife who is raising 12 children and doesn't know how to turn a computer on... or the time to learn...

Yet for roughly $900 I could buy 3 computers that are needed at GBI to help all the students... not just one student eager for a personal prize...

Then the followers were amazed at his teaching and said, "we should ask the missionary or direct leaders of the ministries we visit about the needs of the ministry so we can learn where best to give!"

Lena said...

You're a great parable giver Mr. Tribal Leader...Let's hope everyone gets it!

John said...

The greatest gift that can be given is prayer for the ministry and teaching about true friendship. Purchasing a single gift for just one person continues the lie from Satan that we need things more than we need Him.
Everyone would like to be a hero to someone else. But sometimes the biggest heros are those who sacrifice themselves rather than things.
Jeff, maybe you should make the offenders watch Jurriasac Park over and over so they understand why we shouldn't interfere when we don't understand.

Teenietinyt said...

FREAKING JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am crying I am laughing SO HARD!!!!

marcie said...

Oh SNAP! Point very well stated. I think we, as faithful Tribal Groupies, need to keep this message alive.

I believe the gift-givers mean well, but honestly don't realize the effect the gifts and resources that don't seem so extravagant to us can have over there, and that they could be used in more effective ways. Maybe we need shirts that say "Got Money? Think smart..Call Jeff!" Or post signs at Fed Ex or Western Union...I'm making a sandwich board right now.