04 June 2008

Passion Press...

Still not much time to write but here is what the Uganda press is saying about the Passion event...

When God’s name was lifted higher than award winners

In the last few years Ugandans have seen some of the largest gospel names come to this land to preach and perform. But this weekend a few award winning worship artistes and two renowned preachers stepped on a stage, to make history.

This time round however there was no VIP seating, ticket sales and fanatical advertising, just a few thousand young people in the sports field of Makerere University worshiping God.

Young people from different universities across the country and East Africa gathered for the Passion World tour Kampala. Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Charlie Hall, Francis Chan and Louie Giglio embraced the young who came out for the two-day conference.

Funnily enough if the church’s critics had been at this event they would have a few things to talk about, they would probably have complained about the loud rock style music, maybe the skinny jeans and stylish haircuts that the band members wore.

But it would however have been uncalled-for if anyone had called the conference “entertainment” or “an opportunity to make money”, because this was not a just another show it was praising God.

The young people prayed for each other, they prayed for their nation and they prayed for other young people all around the world. Even when Chris Tomlin tried to lead worship on his famous song How Great Is Our God, the crowd overwhelmed him and sang their hearts out.

The norm of prosperity preaching was unheard of and God’s name was lifted higher by men who have a full mantle piece. If I use any word, I would say indescribable because that is what the passion conference Kampala was. Not because of one or two men who have written and sold a few million music albums but because of God. and what it stands for.

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Lena said...

Thats awesome! Wish I could have been there to take part in it!