14 August 2008


“Happy Birthday Jeff!”

“Gee… Thanks!”

“How old are you?”


“Ha Ha Ha”

“Happy Birthday Jeff!”

“Ah, shucks… thanks for remembering!”

“How old are you?”



“Happy Birthday Jeff!”

“Gee wiz… Thanks!”

“How old are you?”


“Oh! In denial?”

Despite the receding hairline, pot-belly, two kids in school, and a job that requires me to wear slacks…

It is true… I am 29… not 30, 35 or 39…

I have students my age and older that see me as their spiritual father… loyal blog readers (3 and counting) that think of me as a Ugandan guru and random neighbors that greet me as “mozee” (old man)…

But to family and friends I am the 29-year old that searched the house for week looking for presents… requested a pink cake with white frosting… and spend the afternoon at the Wacky Wood House with my boys…

Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday to me!


Just Berean Real said...

Blog Reader #3 clocking in:

I thought this was a paying gig, reading your blog. Where's my check???

And don't give me the "your rewards are in heaven" speech - I have a mortgage, no TWO mortgages to pay!


Diva <><

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday from your Atlanta fans!!! We're glad you were born. :)

Jen said...

Me: "Hey Jason, uncle Jeff gets to go to Wacky Woodhouse for his birthday."
Jason: "Awesome! I wish I could go with him!"
Yeah, 29 seems too old for you Jeff!

Sallie said...

I want to go to Wacky Woodhouse too! Your mother looks so young, Jeff. How come you are so old???

Love, Mom

Darren said...

Jeff - if you'd like, I can always remember you as that 7th grader who had is locker right underneath mine.

And if you'd like, I can remember how I would intentionally angle my locker door so that you would hit your head on it as you stood up.

So you say 29... I believe you.

marcie said...

Hey Jeff!
When you turn 40 like me, your Ugandan friends will tell you what a miracle it is that you made it to 40!! That's what they said to me!