08 August 2008

Ag update

I am currently taking one class towards my masters in Livestock Health & Production. Since it is under the British academic system, things are done a bit differently. Classes run from late Jan/early Feb until final exams in October. Whatever classes you registered for in January are what you take that year. Final exams are only in October. The classes are usually 240 hours of study plus 2 written assignments and one final exam. I am preparing for my exam now and it is daunting. I have 5 pages of essay questions and only 8-10 of them will be on the exam. Exam topics will include immunology, epidemiology, parasitology, pathology and microbiology. My plan is to transfer to full time study when I register for classes in Jan 2009. This would mean I would be done with the program in October 2010. Since the program is all independent study this will help me to keep my discipline and motivation from waning.
Since returning from the States in May I have been thinking through several ideas of what to do once my masters is done. One of my observations at Bethany Village has been the large number of teenage children who are so behind in their schooling that they will not be able to finish before their sponsorship is over. This is not a situation unique to Bethany Village. As I been formulating a plan to start an agricultural vocational school for these older teenage orphans, Africa Renewal Ministries has been looking for a large piece of land to accomodate a commerical farm project. They have placed a deposit on about 450 acres an hour north of Kampala. In addition to an agricultural training school that would teach practical livestock management techniques, I am interested in overseeing an agroforestry project and a commerical swine unit for profit at this site. The location is perfect for transporting and selling animals and timber into Kampala and there is a large unmet demand for pork, pork products and quality timber for building projects. I am putting together a proposal for all these ideas, so look for more information to follow in a couple of weeks. And pray that ARMs would think the proposals are worth executing with some of that new land.

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Lena said...

That sounds awesome Christine! Keep up your studies...you can do it =)