29 October 2008

The internet is scary…

I am not ashamed to admit that I google my own name … “Jeff Atherstone” … “Jeffrey Atherstone” … “Jeff and Christine Atherstone”… I’m curious… or battling insomnia…

Will my old employers / partners ever take me off their websites?

Are my “good” race results still posted for my 5K / 10K / Half-Marathons and Marathons?

Has anyone mentioned me on their website or blog?

Was it something I wanted written about me?

People can trash whoever they want on the internet… and I want to see if people are being nice…

But last night I saw something that horrified me… people can buy my info…

There were packages ranging in price from $1.95 - $59.95…

I don’t have anything to hide… for those who read this blog often sometimes I share more than you’d like… but I don’t like the idea that just anyone can purchase my info without my permission… although if I ever read the small print I’ve probably signed my life over a hundred times over without knowing it…

I understand that Chloe can access this info at CTU without paying anything… but at least I have the confidence that she and Jack will use the info to save the world from terrorists… but what if some weirdo just wants to post my life on their blog…

Well… if your weird and curious… here is the offer…

Background Report for Jeffrey Atherstone

Address History for Jeffrey Atherstone includes the following citie(s):
1 address in HENDERSON NV
1 address in ATASCADERO CA
1 address in NEWHALL CA
1 address in PASO ROBLES CA
4 addresses in MOORPARK CA

Background Records Include (when available):
Current Address & History
Relatives, Neighbors & Associates
Property Ownership
Phone Numbers
Bankruptcies & Tax liens*
Small Claims Civil Judgments*
Home Value
Marriage & Divorce Records
State Criminal Search Includes:
Case number and charge
Offense, arrest file & disposition date
Disposition and sentence
Results are e-mailed to you in approximately 24 hours

BTW… I know that your googling your name right now… hope you find what your looking for!

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