11 January 2009

Ogwang Lucy

I got my big break this week... I've been discovered by a big-time editor... J-Dove of www.nmsi.org

They are publishing 30 testimonies from around the world in 30 days on www.nmsi.org...

A recent article of mine in the world-renowned "Atherstone Update" caught her eye and will soon be published... keep your eyes open for testimonies from Uganda on www.nmsi.org... here is sneak peak...


Ogwang Lucy, a Ugandan widow, was sent to Gaba Bible Institute by her children to learn to play the piano in the Certificate of Music program. The children planned to buy their mother a piano so she could enjoy her retirement years. Lucy quickly found herself more interested in the bible classes and transferred into the Diploma of Theology program.

As part of the program Lucy took a Perspectives class on World Missions and her heart was stirred to reach the Acholic people of Northern Uganda who have been decimated by the Lord’s Resistance Army and have been living in IDP camps for the last 20 years.

During her final year of studies she discovered that her husband left her a few hundred acres of land in Northern Uganda, Kitgum District. After graduation she moved to Kitgum to plant a church on the property. Her plan is to use the land for agriculture to help generate business in the war torn area and then use the profit to help children who have been orphaned or abandoned by their parents.

Lucy is one of 30 graduates from GBI this year who are committed to transforming African society as they spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lucy (left) with fellow student Edna (right)... Photography by Josh Buck

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Lena said...

Good ol' J. Dove...that made me chuckle a bit :)

On another note...don't you just love how Josh Buck did his "colors of africa" pics...I need to learn how to do that!!