17 February 2009

Huge News for GBI! - Part 2

I want to thank all of you for praying for us yesterday during our visit from the National Council for Higher Education! God was on our side and we had a positive meeting with the evaluators from the NCHE.

It was an intense 5 hour evaluation in which they met with the Board of Governors, Administration, Faculty, Support Staff and Student Council, followed by an inspection of all our facilities. This week the team of evaluators will be writing a report and submitting it to the NCHE for review. Based on that evaluation we will be given recommendations for improvements and a time-line for making the improvements to receive our provisional license.

Here are a few of the highlights from the day:

1) The Council affirmed the need for Uganda to have institutions of higher learning, such as GBI, for the training Christian leaders.

2) The Council will be providing GBI with the required steps for beginning a Bachelors program. This will be a difficult process but if we chose to take this path we will be one of only 2 schools that offer a Bachelors in Biblical Studies that is recognized by the NCHE of Uganda.

3) In their final report they will be giving us a clear list of improvements which need to be made to GBI this year that will be a challenge but will ultimately bring great improvements to the school.

4) My personal highlight – 2 students slipped into the meeting with the Student Council because they were so excited to hear about the accreditation process – it is an understatement to say that there is great buzz around the campus!

In other news GBI continues to expand! On Friday we closed registration for our first term by having an official welcome ceremony for the 28 first time students at GBI. We now have 76 full-time students registered and an additional 27 part-time students enrolled in our holiday program marking the first time we have topped 100 students! Among those we have 14 international students from Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Tanzanian, Kenya and Ethiopia – we are truly becoming a school for the nations!

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Howard said...

This is great news to hear!