25 March 2009

What's up with school?

When I first started looking into masters level livestock degrees, I was more interested in finding a degree suited for working in the West. That was 18 months ago. Over the last year Uganda has become home and we plan on staying here for awhile. Because of this shift, I started asking around about degrees tailored more for use in the tropics and discovered that the Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine, part of the University of Edinburgh, offers a MSc in International Animal Health geared towards development workers in tropical, African countries. Instead of classes on the latest in genetics and reproductive performance, I will be learning about tick-borne diseases, parasites of economic importance, emerging viral diseases and disease surveillance and control. Another selling point was that the school year is broken into three 11 week modules and runs concurrently with Jeff and the boys' school schedule. I just finished my application and hope to hear about whether I was accepted by the end of April. School will start at the end of September. It is a three year part-time program which works much better for my life as chief zookeeper in the Atherstone herd.

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