23 April 2009

Nothing Gets Wasted

To continue my one week of agriculture blogging that has morphed into 6 weeks. Rabbits. Not many people know that I raised rabbits during junior high and high school. Not something that comes up much in conversations. I vowed never to raise them again. Raising rabbits in high school does not make you one of the cool kids. But God has a sense of humor and never wastes skills and experience.
My foray into tropical rabbit raising has involved a four week stint of steroids to combat the allergic reaction I had from cutting some sort of weed or leaf for the rabbits. I still have not managed to achieve a pregnancy in a rabbit. (I am proving all those rabbit jokes wrong at present.) But, I do have an automatic watering system thanks to a team with some spare luggage. I have met almost all our neighbors and know every tree and plant they have in their yard in an effort to find forage for my rabbits. The neighbors have gotten some great laughs over the mizungu (white person) raising rabbits. Kadin has also gotten a chance to mark more trees with all this visiting. And at the end of the day, my brain stays challenged with all the problem solving and improvising.

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Sallie said...

This has gone WAY beyond the concept of Rabitat - this is a whole condo complex for rabbits! That's incredible - very impressed!