02 May 2009

Big Week

It has been a good week. Here are the highlights.
1. After trekking through back alleys and roads in Luwero, Namugongo, Makerere Hill and other unnamed places, I found a rabbit breeder who had New Zealand White rabbits. And he had babies. So my 16 rabbit cages are officially full. I got 8 females and 2 males, all who will be ready for breeding when I get back from the States in August. Also, no more worries now if my Mr. Man from South Africa suddenly falls ill and dies.
2. I definately have 3 pregnant rabbits.
3. I had an offer to provide 60 chickens a week to feed soldiers in Somalia. I can do my part in bringing peace to Somalia.
4. My new rabbit garden is all planted and mulched and has had one good rain on it. I planted moringa, pigeon peas, alfalfa and leucaena.I am able to meet the energy requirements of my rabbits by trimming all my neighbors trees and feeding the leaves to my rabbits. This new garden will ensure that I can also feed them enough protein.
5. The friendly neighbor who offered me a piece of her land for my rabbit garden has also offered to rent me 2 acres about a 5 minute walk from our house. So I am crunching the numbers to figure out what it would cost to fence, have a water tap installed, and several chicken houses, a storeroom and a worker's room built. I could also grow enough feed for several hundred rabbits on that much land.
6. The concrete is being poured on Monday for my chicken coop remodel at our house. After a week of drying, it will take another 2 days to finish the roof and wire sides. Then I can get back into broiler production.
7. Finally, Joseline managed to track down a turtle for Kadin's birthday. Here is Leonardo (thanks E'Oc for introducing the boys to TMNT). Kadin has spent the last 2 days ordering it around and waving a bat around to make his point.

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marcie said...

Holy cow Christine!! I can't believe how much and how fast your "farm" is growing! ...or I guess I should say Holy RABBIT!!!