08 May 2009

More great things

I am feeling so blessed and loved right now. Sometimes I convince myself that God is so busy taking care of famine and orphans and other big things, that my desire to get into grad school and that my rabbits actually get pregnant fall somewhere way down on his to-do list. But God continues to amaze me and remind me time and time again that He loves me a whole lot and cares about the things I care about.
So, I officially got accepted into the grad program I applied for. September 28th I start my program in International Animal Health with the Center for Tropical Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

I also came home from errands to find that one of my rabbits gave birth to six little bunnies. And I checked some of my other females and I definately have two others that are pregnant. I don't feel like my budding rabbit business is about to fall apart at any minute now.

And I tracked down a vet here in Uganda that works with rabbits and is going to make a house call to talk with me about rabbit vaccines and tropical rabbit diseases I should be aware of how, how to identify them, treat them, prevent them, etc.
In other news, my pigeon peas and alfalfa have sprouted. We got some good rain this week, unusually late for our April rainy season, but still very appreciated on my part. My moringa should be out early next week.
We say goodbye to our final visitor for awhile tonight. Matt has been really easy to have around and has been helpful in eating all the muffins that I have been baking lately. I always enjoy a small break from hospitality to remember who belongs in the Atherstone family and to get my boys all to myself for a little while. Soon enough though we will be looking forward to meeting new people, having great conversations and sharing Uganda with them. Plus, Noah has about a hundred friends to visit while we are in the CA all from people staying at our house here in Uganda. His future wife is going to have to love hosting new people in their home.


marcie said...

Awesome Christine!!! I can "hear" the happy in your writing!

John said...

All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small.... I remember so well teaching this song to children. Isn't it amazing that God loves each one of us so much.

Congratulations on all you critter news and on your acceptance to Univ.

Anonymous said...

CONGATULATIONS CHRISTINE! Both on being accepted into the University and on your new babies. Looking forward to seeing how they grow.

Aunt Pam