23 June 2009

Kunda Mugisha Jane... in her own words...

Over 5.4 million of my countrymen died in the First and Second Congo War.


The end of the Rwandan genocide sparked the beginning of Congo’s troubles. In 1994 two million Hutu refugees fled to Congo fearing a response from Rwandan Patriotic Front after they took control of the country.


I grew up in the city of Goma, on the Congo-Rwanda boarder and many of these refugee settled in our city. Hutu militia were interspersed with the refugees and they continued the fighting in our land and used our city as a base for further attacks on Rwanda.


Eventually the threat to our safety began too much and in 1997 I fled with my family to Uganda. We had no time to pack and we only took what we could carry as we walked across the boarder to Uganda.


The journey took 7 days. At times we would walk but along the way people would offer us rides in the back of their trucks.


Our journey ended in Gaba. For the first few months we cried all the time. I was 21 and I shared a one-room house with my father, mother, younger brother (12) and sister (9).


My father had been a pastor in Congo and our new home was given to us by a pastor in Gaba. He had heard of our struggle to flee Congo.


The stress of this change was too much for my father and he fell sick. Needing support, our pastor friend took me to the village to be a teacher. My whole life I lived in the city and I had never lived in a village.


I stayed in the village until my father’s death in 2001. Then I moved to Mukono and began teaching French and Swahili in a number of schools. I would visit my mother often but my desire was to leave Uganda and to move to Canada. I wanted to be with French speaking people again and I did not feel comfortable with life in the village.


A few years later I was visiting my mother in Gaba when I heard about Gaba Bible Institute. Since God had not opened a door for me to leave Uganda I figured that this was my opportunity to study so I could grow more in Him.


I wasn’t sure if I would complete my course at GBI but I thought it best to give it a try.


My first class was Bible Interpretation with Pastor Jeff.  I became convicted that my preaching before coming to GBI was based on whatever I felt, rather than on what God’s Word really said.


During my time I also discovered the ministry that God was calling me to. God has gifted me with speaking languages for a reason. So now I have returned to Mukono and I have opened a business teaching French and Swahili. Speaking with people all day gives me endless opportunities to share the gospel every day and opportunity to use the gifts that God has given to me.


I also recorded my first CD which I hope will open many doors for me to share the gospel.

God has given me a voice to speak and sing in many languages. And I know now that this voice is his to use wherever He sends me.

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Kathy said...

I love reading about your students at GBI. To hear that students are learning to teach and preach based on God's work, rather than how they feel - Wow! That's what it's all about! Praise God!