16 June 2009

More painful than childbirth

I would like to nominate slipped discs for most painful life experience. I am typing this blog while laying on my stomach with an ice back over my lower back. The good news is that the swelling in my disc is down, so the tingling in my legs and feet is gone. As long as I don't twist, the pain is manageable. At night the doctor gave me an anti-spasm drug that knocks me out. However, in the amount of time I have been in this pain I would have had 12 children (I had both boys in a combined total of 4 hours; yes I know women around the world hate me for that; I have good genes in my favor.) At least with labor you know it will end eventually. With this there is a giant unknown. So for now I am icing every hour and watching lots of Friends episodes. It leaves me little time to stress out about leaving for the States in one week.


Jen said...

Christine , I'm really sorry about your back, it sounds awful. I'm not even going to talk to you about childbirth though... it's just not fair!

John said...

Welcome to the club (unfortunately) I have stories about my own back pain. Hopefully you will get some relief soon. My daily regimen includes lots of stretches, frequent standing and lots of fake smiles. Dad

Sallie said...

Christine - I'm sorry you are in such back pain. I know how Dad hurts sometimes from it and it is truly debilitating. However, you should never remind us about your short (almost non-existent) labors! It took me 40+ hours to give birth to 2 kids. NOT FAIR!

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I am back (no pun intended) to having sympathy for you. The hot tub is all filled, chemically balanced, and heated for you when you get here!

Renee Franks said...

I am sooo-o sorry that you hurt your back!! Let me know if there is anything i can do when you get here! I can watch the little guys while you painfully meander through costco :)