01 September 2009

Back to School

My holiday has officially begun. The boys went back to school.
Noah was awake, dressed, backpack on by 6am. Kadin woke up a little later, but promptly stuffed a puzzle in his backpack to share with his classmates. Noah is in first grade (Primary one here in Uganda) with Ms. Webster and Mrs. Mugisha. He has a class of mostly girls. Kadin is back in kindergarten with Ms. Lwande and Betty. We decided that he is better off being the oldest student, capable of keeping up with the other students, than the youngest and always needing extra help and not quite being able to keep up.
The boys are very excited to be back among their friends, swimming in the school pool, eating sausage for lunch and shopping each week for their morning school snack.


Jen said...

"My holiday has officially begun." I really envy you sometimes! Especially today when my little weirdo decided to add the title "giant pest" to her skill set. The boys are cute as always, er, handsome I should say.

Sallie said...

Those spiderman backpacks really complete the ensemble! I'm glad Noah found them at Wal-Mart - helped fill the cart! I can't get over how much Kadin looks like his Daddy. Enjoy school precious boys!

Love, Nanny