13 September 2009

My current schemes

In my quest to one day rule my own planet, I will first run my own business. This idea has been simmering for a couple years now. Being someone who hates sitting in chair under flourescent lights for 40 hours a week, I needed to wait until I had a partner.

Why a business?
  • because I can - I have the skill, knowledge, experience and desire
  • aid isn't working; development of people and an ethical,efficient, profitable business excites me more and is needed
  • I think malnourishment could be alleviated if the cost of protein was lower

Current business ideas

  • rabbits for research
  • commercial pork production
  • poultry (East Africa export market only)

Where am I in the process:

  • gathering data (consumption, demand, competitors, market gaps, labor costs, land costs, disease prevalence, etc)
  • developing criteria (land, profitability, marketing gaps, capital investment amounts, etc)
  • visiting model businesses and gathering information about running businesses, successes, failures, tips, etc

I am still very interested in offering education and training for women in livestock production. Having a business would provide the site and resources to offer training on a periodic basis.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Sounds exciting! Cheaper protein would make a huge dent in malnutrition. I am trying to help the women of Busiga develop some sustainable income and feed their families. I really would like to talk to you while I am in Uganda, Sept. 16-Oct. 7.