09 September 2009

My Rabbit Kingdom

Here is one of the six newest additions to my rabbit barn. I added 6 males from California a couple of weeks ago. They all survived the travel and are now contributing their services to my breeding program. Isn't he handsome?
Other rabbit news - the babies are coming. I am sorting through all my females of breeding age to determine who is worth keeping and who is going to be eaten. That means for the next 4 weeks I am expecting a litter every 4 days. My first litter was born yesterday.
I have two restaurants and a tuberculosis research centre interested in my rabbits. I ate one of my rabbits for dinner the other night. He was quite tasty. He didn't make the breeding stock cut.


Zziwa Andrew said...

Hi friend,

I am interested in breeding stock. It is part of easy animal protein provision for ruralchildren in Nakawuka Wakiso district. I could do with a pair. Are you in position to sell?

My number is +256 (0)775807780

Kathy said...

And I might be interested in purchasing a few when I am in Uganda during the next month. I have been thinking about raising them to help feed kids at Redeemer House Orphanage in Busiga. Any for sale? I would want to talk to you first about the feasibility. I have raised rabbits in the past, but won't be there to oversee the project.


Kelly said...

I thought you were only going to buy rabbits with blue eyes...not the scary red ones??

Sustainable Livelihoods Initiative said...

Hi, we are interested in buying 5 breeding stock rabbits, 1 male. Kindly advise if this is possible and the cost.

Thanks Joanne


Eric Kaduru said...

Myself and my wife Rebecca are farmers in fort portal, one of our new ventures is rabbit rearing. We have been looking all over for quality rabbits and all my research has continuously lead me to you.
We are in kampala for another day and then we head back to fort portal. I would really like the oppotubity to visit your rabbit project and if possible I would love to purchase some rabbits from you,preferably the. New Zealand whites for breeding. We only have access to the local breeds that are sold at the markets in Fort portal and those come with very many diseases due to the way they are kept and cross breeding. Having some quality rabbits would be much appreciated.
please get in touch with me as soon as you are ble to.