10 September 2009

Trying to Simplify

With 300 chickens in our yard, I go through a lot of feed. I am trying to simplify life right now, delegate, say no, so that I have time for school. I called the feed mill last week and gave them a 4 day advance order on the chicken feed I needed. I arrived bright and early Monday morning - in part to avoid traffic in Kampala - to find that my order had not been processed. No electricity to mill the corn and soy. No problems, put the feed on a truck and send it to my house later in the day. No feed arrived on Monday.
Phone call Tuesday morning; feed left feed mill at 9am. Great, I had finished the last of my broiler finisher during the morning feeding, so 9am departure from the feed mill meant I should have it absolutely no later than 11am at my house.
Noon came and went. Phone call to feed mill. Truck had a flat tire and would be delayed until 2pm.
2pm came and went. Phone call to feed mill. No idea where truck was.
4pm. Phone call to feed mill to find out about feed and to make sure it was not sitting in the rain. Truck at mechanics near gas station. Drove to described gas station. No truck at mechanics. I am now beginning to hyperventilate that evening feeding time will come and go without chicken feed.
7pm. At friends birthday party. Phone call from truck driver. He is lost.
7:30pm. Jeff takes over to get truck driver to our house. Requires walking to main road in dark to find lost truck driver.
8:45pm. Feed arrives in the dark. No power. Unload into pile in our yard. Truck won't start and spends another 45 minutes in our driveway.

My idea to simplify feed procurement did not work this time!


Sallie said...

I don't know whether to laugh with you or cry for you! Murphy's Law seems to have a greater impact in Uganda!

Flo Paris Oakes said...

Geeeeeez. That is wild.
I'm easily stressed out-that would probably be enough to push me over the edge.
I get nervous when I know I have to make plans to drive 30 minutes to buy our chicken food....and I only have 4 chickens...actually one of them is technically a "show chicken" so I have more like 3.5 chickens.
But 300 is insane!

Anonymous said...

A show chicken? Do they eat less? Are they the divas of the chicken world, spending their time fluffing and preening?

Flo Paris Oakes said...

This is it:
We had no idea, just thought it was a normal chick until it started growing feathers on it's feet and the David Bowie hair, and looking like something from Fraggle Rock.
It's necessary to trim their feathers or they can't see.
She seems more clueless than diva like, especially when her feathers get too long and she can't see her flock, so she just stands in the corner chirping.
She's real sweet though.
She belongs to my 5 year old daughter who carries her around like a baby most of the time.