05 September 2009

We had our first death...

Leonardo died this last week. Noah discovered his little body after school. Never having navigated the died childhood pet from a parent's perspective, I wasn't sure what to do immediately. I have never had dead pet dreams or dead pet regret, so I figured digging a hole and having a little funeral like my parents did was a great option. It was at least better than Jeff's initial instruction to Noah to toss him in the garbage bin.
We had a little family funeral for Leonardo, said all the things we liked about him (Noah said he was the best pet he had ever had), said what we would miss about him, buried him and constructed a cross to mark the spot.
Noah seems to be over the trama of the death. It helps that he is getting a new turtle next week thanks to a friend making a visit to family up north.
I am sure this turtle will be named Donatello, Michaelangelo or Raphael. Stay posted for the newest addition to the Atherstone zoo.


Sallie said...

Jeff wanted to throw him in the garbage bin??? Jeff, who went into hysterics at the death of a 2" fish in our fish tank??? Give me a break! Jeff - have a heart! Christine, the funeral was a perfect solution.


Kathy said...

When I read this, I immediately thought of this utube video. I hope you can watch it there - you will crack up!


We had several funerals for pets when I was growing up, and when I was raising my kids. One of the rites of childhood, I think, and a fitting tribute to beloved pets.

Anonymous said...

So what exactly will you miss about a moving pet rock? X