11 October 2009

Update on everything...

I haven't gotten this far behind on communication since we moved to Uganda...

I am 3 months over-due on a newsletter to supporters, 1 month over-due on an update to GBI supporters, an email inbox that hasn't been clear in months, non-existent on my blog... and "Hi Mom and Dad! I'm still alive..."

About the only thing I am current on is the Dodgers! Congratulations Frank McCourt... and of course he hasn't returned any of my congratulatory emails...

But due to an unexpected 5 PM Sunday afternoon nap... I have enough energy to update the blog remnant on our life in Uganda...

Kadin... I shouldn't say this since I don't have a picture yet... but I'll say it anyway... during my nap he gave himself a haircut... his hair was down past his shoulders in the back and now is 3/4" all over... we are all grieving because he is so stink'n cute but it will grow back...

Last week he got sent to the Principal... but he wasn't in trouble... his teacher was just in shock because he brought a book to school and read it cover to cove to his entire class... the book is classed "Hot Dog" and he loves it because he loves meat, especially hotdogs... but there is also a line in the book that says "P.U. Dog" and he laughs hysterically every time we read it... the Principal was so impressed she put it in the school newsletter... good thing she has a sense of humor as well!

Noah turned 6 last Sunday... again, shame on me for not uploading pictures... he is soooo old... he ties his own shoes, which makes getting ready for school so much easier... he can read and understand what mom and dad are saying when we try to spell things to each other... and he joined a soccer club at school... this week he also went to his first birthday part without mom and dad... he was a little nervous but within 10 minutes waved me off and told me I could leave... I think I had a harder time with it than he did...

Christine... is now fully engaged in her masters program and had a booming week of business selling chicken... Friday was Ugandan Independence Day and as fireworks are to the US, chicken is to Uganda... I don't know if that sentence makes sense but the point is you can't celebrate a holiday in Uganda without eating chicken so it was a good week... the rabbits are booming but I'll leave the rest of the ag updates to her...

Jeff... I am currently training for the Kampala Marathon... I love running because I have this amazing screen saver program in my mind... it seems as soon as I lace my shoes all brain activity ends... the longer I run the more rested my mind feels... I am also learning that I run the exact same way I work... not with my mind turned off... but now I am talking about my pace... or my lack of pacing... in every race I have ever participate in I go out way too fast and then just let pride get me to the finish line (I can't stand walking when people are cheering at the end of a race)... currently between the fundraising trip, school accreditation process, Julius getting fired and imprisoned and the country breaking out into riots the first week of school I find myself completely exhausted... writing about being worn out isn't exactly the best material for a missionary update... but if you've read this far you are either completely bored or you love us and are praying for us... so I'm putting it out there...

Next week the boys have a break from school so we are going to take some time off as a family... I know I need it...

Who knows when I will get a GBI update out... but if you are really interested... her is a list that the staff put together for me of all we accomplished in my first 60 days back from the US... it was a real pick me up... they're great!


Hired Librarian

New Student Dean

Promoted Registrar from within

Promoted Bursar from within

Updated appointment letters and job descriptions for all admin staff, lecturers and causal workers

Wrote and Edited New Human Resource Manual

Overcame staff dismissal

New staff room

New Finance Office with increased security

Staff increasingly effective and motivated during transition

Cook got married


Revised Student Manual

No discipline issues with students thus far

Overcame country wide riots the first week of school

Hosted our first Spiritual Retreat for the Student Body

New Student Welfare office


New Finance Manual

New independent accounting system

Closed books on ARM

Financial accountability in place

New bank account

Direct wire transfer from US

New accounting software

Asset listing revised

All possible debt identified and paid off

Cut 15% out of our budget in Admin costs alone… saving over $15,000 for 2010


Completed 3yr strategic plan

Completed 1yr operational plan

Complete student registrar ’07-present

Organized Reception to be completely run by volunteers


Library org according to subject matter

Library check-out process implemented

Library goals and vision completed

Purchased library supplies


Sallie said...

No wonder you needed a Sunday afternoon nap! Please post pictures soon of our 6 year old and our sheared-locks boy! Thanks for the update. Mom and Dad appreciate it!

Love, Mom

Kathy said...

Impressive! You have been busy - and very productive, it sounds like. Are you no longer associated with ARM?

Praying you will have a very restful vacation.

I was hoping to meet Christine while I was in Uganda, but unfortunately, had a situation similar to yours with Julius, at Redeemer House Orphanage, and it took up a lot of my time while I was there. I am hoping I can have Elysia, the American girl I left at Redeemer House, meet with Christine. I would really appreciate her input on an agricultural project for the orphanage. (But I was really looking forward to having tea with Christine!)