11 November 2009

Minds a-racing

If you're hoping for Jeff's current thoughts on cross cultural missiology, he is sick. You are stuck with me (mwa-ha-ha-ha!).

I have spent the week at a veterinary conference here in Kampala. My mind is all atwitter and my heart aflutter. I know; I am a nerd.

Aside from the obvious observations that there were hardly any women in attendance and very few Westerners, the air conditioner was on so high I felt like a human popsicle.

Did you know Ankole cattle's meat has lower cholesterol levels than American choice grade beef? Can you say business opportunity for a niche market?

.....Rabies poses the greatest zoonotic risk to human health right now in Uganda. Any one game for darting the local stray dogs with rabies vaccine?

The government and NGO's restocking of cattle in the North has spread the range of brucellosis. This in turn has impacted trading of cattle with Rwanda.

Because of recent animal disease outbreaks and the necessary quarantines and movement restrictions, there has been a shift in Nakasongola agricultural activity from livestock keeping to cropping growing. If the trend continues it could threaten the national livestock industry.

The most interesting paper given was about perceptions of zoonotic disease risks and prevention among veterinary and medical workers in selected districts in Uganda. There wasn't much agreement of what diseases were of most importance, what animals posed the greatest threat, how to treat, etc. It made me wonder why, which wasn't part of the study. More food for thought in regards to the intersection of social/anthropology and animal disease prevention and control. Can we say MSc thesis topic? More on that later.

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John said...

Christine, nerd away. I really enjoy your comments and thoughts.