14 February 2010

What's new with the Atherstone fam?

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Drumroll please...

On January 16 we celebrated 4 years in Uganda! For our family we truly mean it when we say, “celebrate!” Uganda has become a place where our family thrives.

This last month our house was more packed out than ever before.  On the farm Christine’s rabbit project is rapidly expanding and is currently producing over 20 babies a week. This last month Christine also took in 9 abandoned puppies and an orphaned goat, affectionately known as “King George.” The puppies are slowly being distributed to friends around town but George has worked his way into our family. George can be found at any time following Christine throughout the house or playing with Kadin.

We have also recently taken in two teenage girls. Joann is entering S3 (10th grade) and her sister Dianna is entering S1 (8th grade). The girls have been in a difficult situation over the last few years with an alcoholic father and a mother who has been unable to protect then from his abuse. In January we were asked to take the girls in to allow the issues in their own home to be addressed. As for now we do not know how long the girls will be with us, but they have been a joy to have in the home and they have quickly settled in.

This month we were also encouraged by visits from our friend Tim Bryan, who came to help close the GBI financial books for 2009, and another 5 visitors from New Mission Systems International. Tim Dammon, the new President of NMSI, his wife Lisa, David Betzer, the Regional Director for Africa, Jackie Perryman and Ryan Schultz were able to come and learn more about Gaba Bible Institute and Christine’s agricultural projects. It is blessing to be able to share our lives with friends and supporters as they encourage us along the way.

February 21 – March 8 Jeff and the boys will be traveling to the US. The boys will enjoy some time with the grandparents while Jeff attends a conference for leaders of Bible institutes around the world and a pastors conference.  Christine will be home in Uganda taking care of the girls, goats and continuing her masters program while the boys are away.

  •       108 students are enrolled for Term 1 - our largest enrollment ever!
  •       We re-submitted our application for accreditation and are waiting for approval.
  •       Work has begun on the new campus with environmental surveys complete and architectural drawings in progress.
  •       This year we are launching two new Community Development Courses: Disabilities Studies in June and Child Development in September.

Thanks to all for your continued prayers, encouragement and support! 

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