26 April 2010

Okello Gaspher Jimmy

In 1998 rebels from The Lord's Resistance Army became so deadly that we had to escape from our home in the north to Lingira Island on Lake Victoria. We stayed one year on the island, and in 1999, we returned to Patongo where I finished my primary education.

In 2002 I had to walk from Patongo to Lira ( approximately 46 miles) due to fear of being ambushed by the rebels. By this time I was a Christian, and I refused to join them. God was so good to me despite of those tough times; He protected my life.

In November 2002, Lingira Island became my hiding place again. I remained there as a fisherman and got involved in a church. God called me to lead the youth of Lingira Deliverance Church. I served voluntarily for seven years. God continued providing for my education.

Then in January 2008, missionaries sent me to Gaba Bible Institute. I can testify that God used that time to teach me about being a servant leader. After graduation the leaders of Deliverance Church Uganda requested me to pastor Lingira Deliverance Church for 2010.

God spoke to me to go back north and transform that area with the true gospel of Christ. Next year I will go to plant Patongo Community Church of Christ.  I am so grateful for the training I have received and ask you to pray with me that God's plan will be accomplished in my life.

Okello Gaspher Jimmy graduated from Gaba Bible Institute in Uganda in 2009

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