26 May 2010

Byamugisha Eric Frank

Byamugisha Eric Frank was the first member of his family to go to school. His mother and father survive as subsistence farmers in a rural village near Masaka. The first school Eric attended met under a tree and the children learned to count by collecting small sticks.

Wanting more for their son, Eric's parents sent him to live with his step-brother so he could be enrolled in the Child Sponsorship Program at Gaba Community Church (GCC). Due to the poor education he had received in the village, Eric was unable to read or write so he began in Kindergarten when he was 10 years old. On weekends he attended Sunday School at GCC and it was there where Eric first heard about Christ and chose to follow Him.

Eric received a scholarship to enroll at Gaba Bible Institute after graduating from Secondary School and was one of the pioneer students at GBI in January 2007. After graduating in December of 2008 Eric married his fellow GBI Grad, Kikome Aidah, and began serving as the Pastor of Discipleship at Fountain of Light Ministries in Bunga.

Eric and Aidah served at Fountain of Light Ministries for a year but felt a strong call to be sent out from GCC as church planters. Taking a leap of faith, they resigned from their ministry in Bunga, knowing that GCC would want them to serve as volunteer ministers before sending them out.

Eric was encouraged by the leadership of GCC to look for other work to support his family during the transition. But, unable to find employment, Eric came to GBI and offered himself as a volunteer. He understood that he wouldn't find work just sitting at home.

Eric volunteered faithfully for three months before a position opened at GCC for him to be the Pastor of Evangelism and Discipleship. Eric still serves in the Student Life Department at GBI as the coordinator of chapels, mentoring groups and spiritual retreats while also helping GBI students get involved serving at GCC.  Aidah is serving at GBI as a volunteer in the library and works in the Children's Ministry at GCC.

"I want to see believers mature in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus. Maturity is important so they won't be blown away by the storms of life."

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