17 May 2010

HP LaserJet 1320 Printer Jam...

You have reached this page due to a printing failure with your HP LaserJet 1320 which is indicated by a flashing orange light. The following steps will allow you to troubleshoot the problem:

1. Begin by opening the front panel and remove the ink cartridge
2. Look for any possible obstructions which would impede the paper from passing through (paper clips, crumpled paper, lizards, etc)

3. Once the obstruction has been removed reinsert the ink cartridge and close the front panel
4. If the orange light continues to flash re-open and look for other obstacles (fragments of paper, lizard eggs, etc)

5. Once all particles have been removed reassemble the object which was jamming the printer to ensure that all obstacles have been removed

6. If the problem continues please contact one of our service technicians and they would be happy to search for additional obstructions, hide the lizard eggs in their underwear drawers in attempts to hatch the eggs or answer any questions you may have in regards to your printer 


Sallie said...

You forgot Step 7. Remove al lizards and parts of lizards from house before Nanny get there!

Thank you.

Lena said...

if I remember right...this isnt the first lizard jam you have experienced! haha! All I have to say is dont share the wealth!