10 August 2010

I think it is a disease...

Yesterday I came home from spending the day at the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, a fancy name for the Entebbe zoo. CTPH is relocating a zebra who has wandered onto a private cattle/goat farm to the zoo. Tomorrow is the big relocation day, so I promise to post pictures.

I came home to power being on. YEAH! However, the refrigerator seems to have been losted in the fire. Our expensive voltage stabilizer didn't protect it! So instead of dealing with the quickly rotting meat in my freezer, I ran around like a neurotic person trying to do all the laundry at once, putting the couch back onto the rug so that it was perfectly centered, throwing trash away in the yard and the hundreds of other little things that had to be done at that precise moment because the world was falling apart. I think it is a disease I have. Because when the refrigerator is quickly becoming a swamp cooler it is so much better to pick up bits of water balloon in the yard.

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Kathy said...

Oh, my gosh, that is so like me! Don't know where I picked up that disease, don't know how to get rid of it. We really need to meet! I will be back in Uganda in September.

Sorry about the frig and the stuff in it. The frig at Redeemer House quit working for about a month, but the kids prayed for it, and no kidding, it started working again. But alas, it quit about a month later, and even prayer couldn't revive it.