03 August 2010

Is my computer killing me?

The last three weeks can only be described as a medical  mystery…

I am thirty years old and on July 12 I had my first major allergy attack… it was so bad I tore my clothes off in the waiting room to get a nurses attention… and proceeded to run in an inappropriate state into the doctors exam room where I was greeted with shock and laughter… since that time I have had 3 more incidence of rash and swelling from head to toe and an uncontrollable urge to rip my skin off… but I have learned to keep my clothes on in public places!

This has left me in a steroid injected state that partially hides a physical problem with my neck, back, buttock, knees and most recently an elbow…

I threw my back out on July 17 and decided as a typical male to do nothing but moan… this worked until it reached my butt on July 22…. The next day my neck stopped turning right and my knees entered a swollen state which keeps them from bending… then today my left elbow joined the fun and stopped working…

WHERE is Dr. House when you need him?

I started with a professional massage…  here I learned the “psychology of the body” and was told I was having a hard time moving forward…. hmmmmm..... has anyone ever bough land in Africa? Who wouldn't have a hard time?

The Dutch doctor didn't speak English well and didn't have a clue... but she let me take a 60 minute nap in a back room because she was afraid to let me drive... 

The Ugandan Dermatologist tested everything... blood, stool, urine and my patience... he too was baffled...

The chiropractor tricked me and "asked me to sit down" ... she then went on to mock my posture and asked how much I work on a computer... at this point it turned into more of a session with a perishioner and priest... I confessed my addictive use of email, microsoft office and social media.... she was convicting and to the point... my computer (and computer posture) are killing me!

So it is time to take a stand!

Send your emails, comments, friend requests and attachments... on Friday August 6 11:59 PM Uganda Standard Time I am going on a computer fast.... until Saturday August 14... my 31st birthday which I would like to live to see!

God willing I want to:

  • Out live my wife
  • See my sons have wives, children and grand-kids
  • Live in Africa until they kick me out and see thousands of Christian leaders equipped
  • And rid myself of this spiritual physical attack...

But at this point there is need of wiping the slate clean and starting some new habits... 

I still plan to work but I'm going to do some revolutionary things like:

  • Rid all excuses for cramming devos into 15 minutes or less
  • Discover ancient ways of interacting with people
  • Be an energetic monster that tickles Noah and Kadin
  • And have enough energy to do more than watching TV with my wife

 This just might change the world... or hopefully it at least changes me!

All prayers are appreciated in this healing endevour!


Melinda said...

Once every two years I develop some new set of mysterious symptoms that I am quite sure will kill me. After a barrage of testing, it is confirmed that I am stressed out and my body is rebelling against me.

Take a deep breath. God is in control. Our stress doesn't help further his kingdom. I know, I know, way easier said than done :) I can only say this because I am a recovering control freak.

Continue to give lots of kisses and hugs to Christine, Noah and Kadin. That helps too :)

Take care!

Melinda said...

p.s. Happy Birthday! You have the same birthday as our daughter, Katharine.

Renee said...

ancient ways interacting with people... I am not sure I understand this thing you speak of

Kathy said...

Praying that you will de-stress and find that your new game plan will enrich and bless you, as well as bring the healing you need. (I think working on the first of the "revolutionary things" would help me, too!)