08 August 2010

Jeff's first day sans computer

To kick off his first day of a week off his laptop and off the Internet, Jeff and I went out for a cup of coffee. We literally had just sat down when we got a frantic call from Joseline that the house was on fire. She and the boys were outside the gate and far away from the house. Jeff sped back to the house to discover that the main electricity cable to our house was on fire and our main electric box charred to pieces. No damage inside the house thankfully. We have been assured that it will all be fixed on Monday morning after many hours on the phone with Umeme, our not so favorite electricity company. I am not holding my breath on any speedy resolution and have ducktaped my very full freezer closed. My once a month grocery trip was a few days ago.
We spent the evening by candlelight listening to Kadin declase the end of the world and his life if he couldn't watch a movie.


Sallie said...

So glad everyone is okay. Once again, another reason we love Joseline!

Kelly said...

Nice use of the word "sans". Glad everyone is alright :)