12 August 2010


You want me to do what?

You don't go into the crate on your own accord, we dart you. HaHaHa!

Those 20 people giving their 2 cents on how to best capture the zebra, were conscripted for their muscles. 300 kilos of zebra and crate.

Here I am with Gladys, founder of CTPH and Uganda's first wildlife vet, and a grandma who told us from the beginning we would have to dart the zebra to get it into the crate. So wise!

In its new home at the Entebbe zoo. The giraffes in the enclosure were not so sure they wanted the new addition. In a couple more days, everyone will be friends.

Kateregga, named by the family that has had it for 2 years, will join the breeding program at the Entebbe zoo. He was relocated because he had started biting and was a threat to the children on the private farm. As the population grows in Uganda, increased contact between wildife and humans and livestock will be a reality. Wildlife is free to roam in and out of national park boundaries in Uganda.

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