06 August 2010

Rabbit Update

1. The second barn is up and running. We hung rabbit cages in the retrofitted/converted chicken coop. It now holds 29 cages.

2. Tropical Rabbits Limited was officially registered as a Ugandan business on June 28, 2010. I registered the rabbits as a business to meet requirements for selling meat to Kampala's larger butchers.

3. One of East Africa's largest butcher is now stocking my rabbits.

4. I am putting the final touches on a marketing plan to help me utilize my time more effecively. I want to develop strategic partnerships with poverty reduction programs that work primarily with women and people with disabilities.

5. I gave a sustainable rabbit production talk in May at my MSc program's summer school. It was a good chance for me to practice public speaking, something I don't really relish.

This picture is of my escape artist rabbit. I still haven't figured out how she gets out almost everyday to find the wheel barrow of food. I usually find her just like this nibbling on her favorite leaves.

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