24 September 2010

Dependency... Final Question


Knowing what we know about dependency... what should Christians look for when they want to support an overseas ministry?

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John said...

Jeff, you might be interested in what Glenn Schwartz says in his most recent article in the Sept-Oct edition of Missions Frontiers. His essay is about the assumptions that are made at the very beginning of a relationship. He says that we do not always look to see what will happen in our ministry on day 100, day 1,000 or day 10,000 because we act in the moment of today. Too often we begin by saying we will help because they are too poor to give anything back to God. His own remedy refers to "premeditated sustainability". (At this point I know that that opens up an entirely new discussion about what is sustainability) The key in building a partnership with any effort of support is to ask the national partner to supply what it can to the venture. If all of the money comes from one source, the others will never take seriously the call to sacrifice with their own effort and seek to become like their counterpart in the partnership.
In concluding his article Schwartz reminds all of us it is now just what be commit to do with our resources but also proceeding trusting in what God can do.
I am reminded that when the earliest Christians gathered together they brought all that they had together for the common good. Therefore, we should be sure to ask what our national partners are bringing as their contribution to the project we both are invested in together.