18 January 2011

Boys First Day of School

Jeff is ensuring that construction stays on schedule at GBI, so the next few posts will be all the events we forgot to blog about over the last 3 months and updates on my (Christine's) projects.
First off, the boys first day of school went off without a hitch. The commute to and from, was shorter than we expected. Kadin made it through the day with his shirt still slightly off white. Noah knew his teacher's name and some of his classmates names as well. Kadin couldn't remember anyone's name except the class rabbit's. Noah was most impressed with the art room. Kadin thought the spaghetti at lunch was fantastic.
One week later, the boys still think their new school is amazing.


Penny said...

Hi Christine,
I'm glad to hear the transition for the boys is going well. We're praying for you all and hoping that everything else continues to go smoothly.

Sallie said...

Those boys are just too cute! So was Kadin's shirt spaghetti colored?? LOL


Melinda said...

They are just the cutest! I love that Kadin only remembered the rabbit's name. Too funny! So happy to see that they are adjusting to all the changes.