24 January 2011

Missionaries are Weird

I know we live in a super cool, exotic location. Don't be deceived. Our freak flag flies proud!

An exciting weekend activity is knocking down a friend's pit latrine.

I let my kids out in public dressed like this. And then I arm them with weapons and let them beat each other.

I let Kadin pick out his own school supplies. This is the result.

Who can forget that I let my children butcher their own dinner.

And if I stare blankly at you while deep in conversation, I am not having a seizure. I have probably forgotten the English word I need to continue the conversation or have no idea what piece of technology you are talking about.

1 comment:

Melinda said...

Awww! These are good things.

And, hey, someone has to butcher the dinner. We've already seen how Jeff handles that job : ) . . . . poor turkey

Keep up the good work, mom!